November 22, 2004

12:10 PM
Argghhhh!!!  Here I am on my flight back to California.  But, we haven't left the runway.  In fact I've been on the plane for nearly two hours.  There's something wrong with the thermostat and the mechanics are working on the engine right now.  That's all fantastic as I'm sure I'd appreciate them finding this out now instead of 30,000 ft. up.  But I told my friend Christine to pick me up at 2:20 PM, but now I'm two hours late.  And that's why the ARGGHHHH!!!  was used at the beginning.  I'm gonna stop for now and continue later.  They're serving our food since we still have quite a wait.  Hopefully I make it home safely.  Be well. 

It's currently 6:48 AM in sunny California and 2:48 PM in jolly ol' England.  I have finally left the ground and am currently 37,000 ft. in the air headed west towards the US of A.  about 8 hours left on this flight.  The headphones are on and I'm listening to the classical music channel that the airline so graciously provides.
Thinking back on the last few weeks, my experiences here in England can only bring a smile to my face.  The hope for more tours and journeys abroad are only strengthened after this recent jaunt through the UK. 

I'll miss the following:
A. Veggie Burgers-Deep Fried
B. The sexy British accents
C. The amazing pubs
D. The kind people
E. Indian Food
F. seeing all the great bands in the UK
G. trying to understand the Scottish accent

I won't miss the following:
A. Smoking in public places
B. Sleeping on Floors
C. $5 a gallon for gas
D. Traffic
E. Expensive trains
F. trying to understand the Scottish accent

I'll be home just in time for Thanksgiving and then right into the fire of the Xmas rush at work.  DOH!!  I wonder how busy it will be at Asian Man?  It usually starts the day after TDAY.  Well, I think I'm gonna watch a movie(There's 18 channels on the plane, MOVIES ARE: COLLATERAL, MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, ANCHORMAN, I ROBOT, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, MONSTERS INC., RAISING ARIZONA, AND MORE).  Perhaps I'll write more a little bit later.  Be well. 
Peace always,
Mike Park