October 03, 2003
5:55 AM

Yes, you read that correctly, it's 5:55 AM and I'm not just getting ready to go to sleep, I've slept and awoke at 5:30 AM and am getting ready to leave for Anaheim to play saxaphone for MU330. We practiced last night for a very short time(seriously, like 50 minutes) and I realized I don't know these friggin songs. I am freaking out!! I will practice on the 6 hour drive to Anaheim and hope I can pull it together. It should be a challenge to say the least, but I need to push my myself to the extreme and learn these friggin songs. A's WIN!! Yes, I went to the game yesterday and my darling A's won. That's 1 more game and they eliminate the Red Sox. I used to like the Red Sox, but after going to 2 games and dealing with their fans in Oakland, I am sad to say I am no longer a fan. Where do these fans come from? Are these all transplants from Boston? Strange... I'll be watching the game Saturday with finger, toes, eyes all crossed for good luck. Is that good luck to do? Or a dangerous maneuver physically? Hmmmm... Well, I need to get, get going so for those of you who live in Anaheim, I'll see you tonight, for the rest of y'all have a good day today and a good weekend. Remember, October 7th is election day. No on the recall.

Peace always, Mike Park