November 21, 2004
2:23 PM

Coventry, the home of the Specials. Unfortunately nobody from the Specials came to the punk house that I played at last night. With the living room cleared of all furniture, 6 different acts played their hearts out to a very receptive and kind crowd. What a nice bunch of lads. There's something about playing a house show that is so incredibly fun. It's usually a bunch of friends, so you rarely get any assholes. Our main host for the evening was a gentleman named James. He was an extremely gracious young man, who took us to his college to use the internet and then after the show took us to get Indian food. He gave up his room for four of us to sleep in and he along with his housemates made an amazing vegan chili. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE

Awaking at 9 AM to use the restroom, I was startled to see a floor full of people sleeping on my way to use the toilet. There were about 10 people in the living room. Ahhhhhh.... What a kodak moment that would have made. It had been a few days since I took a shower, so I was determined to clean my body. Unfortunately I had lost my towel sometime on this tour and couldn't find a clean towel. There was a small size towel on the back of the door that looked like it hadn't been washed for nearly a decade, but that would have to do. I tried my best to air dry and to use my hands in the fashion of windshield wipers to toss off the liquids. And then finished off the hard to reach places with the towel. AHHHHH!!! All clean.

We said our goodbyes and then packed up the van. We're currently driving towards London. We're gonna stop at the drivers mum"s house for some tea and biscuits and then off to London for our second to last show. I've been calling Steve "DAYWALKER" for the last few days. I'm not sure why I've picked this name except for the fact that it comes from the movie BLADE. I think a British actor said DAYWALKER sometime during the movie and it must have stuck somewhere deep in the back of my head. Hence DAYWALKER was born.

Monica is still sick and actually slept through the entire show. A good 13 hours. Hopefully she'll beat this cold. I just took some zinc as a precautionary measure. Kids in England seem to know my music better than in the states. The sing alongs have been great and the overall vibe has been spectacular. I'm gonna miss my time here. I feel so lathargic due to mass consumtption of unhealthy foods. I am dreaming about good vegan pho back at home. It'll be the first thing I do. Then perhaps a movie.

Peace always, Mike Park