November 19, 2004

I need to backtrack a few days as I've been blinded by the activities of tour and the lack of writing time. Unfortunately that's how it goes when you are a rock n' roll star!!!!. After Derby, we headed up north into Scotland where the accents were incredible, but at the same time I couldn't understand a word people were saying to me. Trying to think back to Braveheart the movie. That was easy enough to understand. So what's the deal with the one on one encounters. Ahhhhhhh..... No big deal.

Getting into Glasgow at around 5 PM gave us very little sight seeing time. The sun was down and the temperature was dropping though it wasn't nearly as bad as I was told it would be. Monica was getting a cold, so we opted to stay in the club and drink tea. They offer the bands a discount on veggie burgers and chips. A pound each, so we took advantage of that and ate a spicy bean burger accompanied by three different relishes (pickle, corn, and something I'm not sure of) and some spicy french fries. My ever present pessimistic attitude told me to get ready to endure a show with nobody there. But the show was amazing. The room was full and people were quite attentive.

The promoter was named Bryan. He was an asian man fan and he kept talking to me, but I couldn't get past the accent. So I smiled a lot and nodded. We stayed at his house that he shared with his girlfriend. We compared his place to the taj mahal compared to where we had stayed the previous night. It was just a simple apartment flat, but if you had seen the conditions of Derby, you'd be shaking in your boots.

Our hosts offered tea and biscuits and a movie (O Brother Where Art Thou). We happily accepted. They wanted to know if we wanted to go out after the show to a psychobilly bar, but I told him I was old and boring. That seems to be the case more and more lately. What's the deal? But yeah, I politely declined the invitation.

Yesterday, a supposedly short drive to Newcastle turned into a 5 hour drive. I hate driving. Cabin Fever hits and I start speaking in tongues. I'm feeling it right now as we are approaching the 4 hour mark of driving. But we're almost to Conventry, our destination. We're playing a house party tonight. No PA. Should be interesting. Back to Newcastle.....We played in this historic old building probably dating back to the 1800's. It started to lean and bend towards the front. The show had an interesting bill which consisted of a ska punk band, then Grant, a stoner rock band, and finally me. I hate waiting to play. It kills me softly. The benefit of having a tour bus, is that you can just go and hide until it's time to play. I love music, but it's hard for me to enjoy the music when I know I still have to play. This is why I like playing first. I'd have to admit that this tour is going much better than I had expected. Every show has been amazing. Great crowds, with the exception of London (though it was a good show). Next time I tour the UK, I'm going to get a train pass and tour the country with no vehicles involved. That would be amazing.

I think our driver, whose name is Steve, is getting cabin fever right now. I better get going. Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park