November 17, 2004

3:36 PM
We're currently traveling north towards Glasgow. We've opted for the van instead of taking the train which is a bit depressing for me since I love the train so much, but I slept for most of the trip and now we have only about 30 minutes left on this drive.

Last nights show in Derby was brilliant. Probably one of the best shows I've played in my life. I even got an encore, which was pretty neat to be totally honest. This gentleman named Neil put on the show and also played. He had a Ben Lee feel to his music. Great stuff. Actually all the acts were really quite good. I was quite impressed.

During the show I made a negative comment about the band Pantera. Afterwards these three girls came up and said "Good show, but what's wrong with Pantera?" It was actually only one of the three. I didn't know how to respond. I just said sorry. I shouldn't say bad things about anybody. Neil lived on top of the club. And this is where we stayed. This was great in terms of not having to load up and drive to our lodging destination, but the cleanliness of this place was.....well.....not so good. How to do I explain it. We're not talking dirty dishes, scattered clothing, and dust. We're talking molded stairs, rotten carpeting, saw dust, dirt. My head lay inches from a pile of dirt. It's cool though. I've stayed in worse conditions earlier in my life. These are things you look back at and chuckle, but the ordeal of actually doing it is quite horrifying.

I applaud my friend Kennedy for not complaining one bit and sleeping on the floor. He's a friggin' medical doctor and he was up for the punk rock sleepover. I woke up at around 6:30 AM with a messed up back. I'm currently sitting at a table with my back arched as far back as possible trying to think posture first. These hardwood floors are killing me. Looks like tonight we'll be sleeping on another floor. That's ok....It's better than sleeping in the van.

The club we're playing at tonight gave us CHIPS and VEGGIE BURGERS for 1 pound each. Now I sit here with a full belly hoping I can conjure up some kind of release and make room for the waist line. Hmmm...The Scottish have such thick accents. The promoter just came over and introduced himself. I didn't understand a fuckin' word he said. I'm trying to get into Braveheart mode. Well, I'm gonna stop writing and be social for a bit. Be well.

Peace always,
Mike Park