November 16, 2004
1:32 PM

PS-I finally was able to find a wireless cafe and here I am posting the last three days of blogging. Please look back to read what I wrote. I'm a winner!!

I'm sitting on the train heading north towards Derby. My ears are popping due to:
A. Elevation drop
B. We are going faster than the speed of light

Last night we stayed at a super ghetto hotel called THE ABBEY. Really posh looking from the outside and the lobby looked great too, but the rooms sucked. Shiteeeeey beds and smelly too. It was expensive at 29 pounds a person. That's $58 US. Oh well. It came with a free continental breakfast, so we hit that up, but it would have been better if I slept the extra two hours instead of waking up early to make it to the 9:30 AM cut off time for breakfast. Anyways, it's a sit down atmosphere and they bring you the follwing:
A. A shotglass full of orange juice
B. A bowl of corn flakes
C. A Pot of Tea or Coffee
D. 2 pieces of cheese (I think Monterey Jack)
E. 2 pieces of ham
G. Assortment of butter and jams
Sounds better than it was. The ham and cheese was like american cheese slices and piece of bologna cut in half and the rolls just scared me. They were bigger than the normal size rolls, but not like a loaf. The best thing was the pot of tea. Anyways, whatever...It's all good.

Last night, we played in London. 27 people paid. 27 people!!! Yes, I am a big star over here. This is the biggest city in England. This is the equivalance of playing San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago. And I was able to draw 27 people. Oh well. I'm not Clay Aiken. But the show was great regardless. I am just appreciative to have been able to play the show and the fact that anybody came to see me is a blessing. I had somehow lost a cable for my projector and couldn't show the video footage as part of my show. I've become so dependent on this as part of my act that the stress level just shot up right before I played, but everything was fine and I think people enjoyed the music. I sold 6 cd's and 3 t-shirts. I'm rich!!

I love the train. Man, I'm really enjoying this trip so far. We have a driver for this tour and he is driving to the shows whilst we take the train to the shows. That doesn't really make sense financially because we're paying for the vehicle, but F@ck it, I'm on vacation. Ok, I'm gonna go now. Be well people.