November 15, 2004
2:43 PM

We're just leaving Southampton headed towards London. Myself, Monica, and Kennedy are on the train minus Grant. Grant is catching a free ride towards London with a band called Skylar. We played the first show of the tour last night in a small bar called the Bar Coda. We were joined by the aforementioned Skylar (a tremendous rocksteady, reggae quartet), the Flying Marrow Brothers (a brilliant acoustic ska duo), and of course Grant and I.

The place was pretty packed. It only fit about 50 people. My hair is way too long right now and I mention this because it made playing a bit difficult. I couldn't see my guitar. And if I need to see the neck of my guitar for certain chords, I was f#cked. But all worked out fine and everything went off quite well. All the bands did an amazing job and it made for a good time for sure.

We stayed at the guitarist/singer from SKYLAR's home. He lived with his father in this quaint neighborhood close to Southampton. It was a breath of fresh air compared to where we had been staying. Not to say the place in Brighton was bad, it's just a small flat for two people and we had an extra 3 people taking over their entire downstairs. So it felt a bit intrusive on our end. Matt had satellite TV and I even got to watch American Football live at 2 AM in England. That was quite odd, but relaxing for some strange reason. My friend Kennedy likes to read books. As far back as I can remember, he's been such the reader. Good for him. I bet he thinks he's smarter than me because he got a higher SAT score than me.

We've got a ton of traveling to do in the next few days. Instead of staying in the van, I think Monica and I are gonna try to catch up with a friend in Nottingham tonight and see if we can crash at his pad. The plan is to drive back down to Brighton tonight, but that would be an extra 3 hours travel, so we're going to try for a hotel somewhere. We'll see what we can figure out.

I'm getting train sick, so I better stop typing and look at the window. Be well.

Peace always,
Mike Park