November 14, 2004
3:53 PM

3:53 PM
I'm on a train headed towards Southampton. Not a seat open on the train as people are spilling out everywhere and anywhere. Among the three of us traveling, we have two guitars, merchandise, and our personal luggage. With some amazing weather today, I was bundled up in a sweatshirt, gloves, scarf, and a heavy wool jacket which I got yesterday. I did a trade with the clothing shop that shares the same space with BUZ. Only 3 T-shirts for this amazing jacket. I'm very pleased to say the least.

Between sentences I'm glancing out the window to see this beautiful country. It's crazy to think that it's the size of California. And then I think about the impact it has had on the world in so many aspects. Fashion, politics, and the SPICE GIRLS. My vocabulary has increased with words such as bollocks, rubbish, cheers, and mate. "Cheers mate"...

I'm trying to figure out expenses on this tour and figure to lose about $500 for the trip. Which I don't think is that bad considering if I had come over just for vacation it would have been well over
$1,000. I might have mentioned this before, but the US dollar is worth only 50 Pence. And to give an example on how expensive things are......Hmmmmm...Let's see. For a sandwhich in a deli, it's usually around 4 POUNDS 50 PENCE. $9 dollars US. That's too much for a cheapskate like me.

Today we went to an electronics store and I bought adapters for my projector. The man/boy working the counter seemed overwhelmed. He gave me the wrong change and I didn't even realize it. He said "I think I might have given you the wrong change". Thank god he said something because he shorted me $40 bucks. Good lad he is. We went to Sunday Roast. A big thing in England. You have a plate full of potatoes and a meat. We had nut loaf. It came with cabbage, peas, sweet potato, reg. potato, some weird root, and some fried onion thingy. And a popover. I don't think I had a popover before. Oh yeah, there were carrots too and zucchini. I'm kind of in the middle of whether I liked the food or not. I mean it tasted good, but I'm not sitting here dreaming about it.

Yesterday we went to a Vegetarian Indian Buffet. It was only 3.5 pounds. This was the best deal I've seen. The food was really soupy. But it had flavor and was made with a lot of heart. A woman in her late 50's/60's came into the restaurant and she had a tight black jump suit on and more make up than needed. I felt sorry for her. I wonder if she thinks she looks good?? It was terrifying. I imagined her grandchildren saying "No mom, I don't want to go to Grandma's". But who am I to judge a book by it's cover. People look at me and go "Who is that big headed gook and why is his head so big?"

Ahhhhh.... I'm looking out the window to my right typing all at the same time. Because I'm talented. There's these huge white cows grazing, the fields are green, and just a trace of cloudiness over a looming sunset. 1 hour left on this train ride. I think I'll sit back and relax a bit on the rest of the ride. Be good.

5:18 AM
After an amazing night's sleep last night, I'm back to being wide awake in the middle of the night. I woke up at around 3:30 AM and have been up ever since. I seem to have caught a slight cold over here in jolly old England, as the temperatures have been extremely cold. BRRRRRRR.......We'll be in Scotland in a few days and I hear it's snowing. Which is fine. I don't mind that at all. I just want to make sure my body, mind, and soul are ready for the extreeeeeeeeeme.......cold.

Yesterday, Monica, Grant, and I traveled to London to play tourist. Our first stop took us to Big Ben, where we all did a double take and said "That's it?"...."Are you sure?" We had to ask someone and get confirmation. And yes it was. Not too impressive, but from afar it was more beautiful. We had no idea where we were going, so we decided to just walk. From about 4 PM til' 9 PM we walked and looked at architecture, stopped twice for Coffee and once for dinner. We got drawn in this window displayed buffet that featured Mediterranean food that looked so colorful and tasteful that we took the bait. And for only 6 pound 95 pence, we couldn't pass the price. It looks like we weren't the only ones to fall for it, as the place was packed, leaving us with a short wait. The problem was, the food had no flavor. It was so bland. With the only spice being dill. Everything had dill on it. Which is great, but only to a certain degree.

More walking, more coffee and the realization that we were friggin' tired had us walking for pride at the end. Instead of really soaking up the sight seeing, I think we were forcing ourselves to go through the motions because we were in friggin London and not in our everyday neighborhood. It was also our first bout with rain. Luckily it lasted less than 30 minutes. Other than that, we've had clear skies. Today was all blue, but again it's still so cold. It's ok. We got back to Brighton at around 10:30 PM and made spaghetti and drank tea. Me and Monica played Scrabble until 2:30 AM. We came up with words like CAT, BAT, OH, IN, ON, TO, SO, and EWE. The biggest word I think we made was STREAM. Perhaps our vocabulary isn't stellar, but we tried. And then I slept til' 10 AM. Which leaves me here at now 5:37 wondering why I'm wide awake with a slight sniffle, sore throat, and throbbing head.

Oh well, our tour starts tomorrow in Southampton. My best friend since I was 9 is flying out to London tomorrow and will join up on the tour. I'm excited for his presence. He's a friggin' Medical doctor, but still has the kid in him. HOORAY!! For him!! Be well, I'm gonna close my eyes now.
Peace always,
Mike Park