November 04, 2004
11:12 AM

ATTN:UK folks!! I'm coming to do a short DIY tour in the UK starting November 12th. I was just checking to see if there are people out there who would be willing to help spread the word about shows (Passing out flyers, posting stuff on the websites in England, etc.) Also, I have a few days off on Nov. 10th and 11th (MY BIRTHDAY) Any ideas of things to do? Would love to hang out with the locals. I'll be in the London area, so get in touch.

I woke up at 10 AM. The alarm on my phone was turned off. Well, it wasn't turned off, it was on vibrate so I didn't hear it. Oops..So it's already a late start for me. Did I ever tell you how long it takes for me to get ready for work? Approximately 90 seconds. Honestly.

Here's my ritual. I sleep in boxers and a t-shirt. As soon as the alarm goes off I'm up in seconds and my first instinct is to put on my pants, grab a sweatshirt, slip on my shoes, and I'm out the door. This is no lie. It gives me the maximum sleep time and productivity. Everyone's different and I realize we can't all do this, but think about how much more I get done. It was even better when I lived at home and I would be at work in 60 seconds. A walk down the stairs and I was at work, but thank god I don't have to do that anymore. Seperation from work and private life is a necessity.

But back to my waking up. I'm half asleep walking out the door, but the walk to my car wakes me up a little more, waiting for my car to warm up wakes me a little bit more, and then finally within a few seconds of the drive I have my windows down and I'm awake. I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment.

What about brushing my teeth you ask? Ummmm... Yeah, I usually do that once I get to asian man. Note, that I said usually. Since it hasn't happened yet today. Doh!! It's gross, but I'm pretty clean. I floss everyday now and I'll definitely brush at least twice today. Promise.

I saw a movie called GLOOMY SUNDAY last night. Me and Monica have been bringing the same popcorn bag for the last 3 movies and used it for free refills. It totally works. It's pretty amazing. 5 more days til' I leave for England. WIsh me luck as I always start to stress out whenever I leave for a trip. Breathe.
Peace always,
Mike Park