November 03, 2004

ATTN:UK folks!! I'm coming to do a short DIY tour in the UK starting November 12th. I was just checking to see if there are people out there who would be willing to help spread the word about shows (Passing out flyers, posting stuff on the websites in England, etc.) Also, I have a few days off on Nov. 10th and 11th (MY BIRTHDAY) Any ideas of things to do? Would love to hang out with the locals. I'll be in the London area, so get in touch.

9:05 AM
I didn't sleep so well. I was up til nearly 3 AM watching the news. Seeing Tom Brokaw who was up til' nearly 6 AM keep a game face on was funny. Along with the hordes of well wishers staying awake in hopes of celebrating with their president made me think about my youth and the nights we would stay up all night for the sake of just staying up all night. Well, it looks like the Republican party has won the necessary 270 electoral votes and Kerry will concede the election in a few hours. Our country is so divided. We have such a yin yang thang going on here. And to think that Mr. Bush even won the popular vote. DAMN!! It's hard to imagine, but living in California can distort ones vision as we are ultra liberal here. The sight of Kerry/Edwards stickers and banners are everywhere. It's like 10 to 1 to the Bush/Cheney commercialing. Is that a word?? Commercialing???

Well, I better get back to work. The weather is ever dreary giving me this false sense of hope. But I will always work towards a better tomorrow regardless of ones political affiliation. I feel motivated to some degree. Getting more and more letters about Plea For Peace and realizing the importance of this organization and what I can do to help shape kids in a positive way. Oh boy. I'm blabbing today. I'll spare the swan song wording and just say good day, good afternoon and good evening. Pick whichever fits your reading schedule.

Peace always,
Mike Park