October 01, 2003
9:11 AM

Hey Ho! Let's Go! On Wednesdays, Asian Man is closed. It's the perfect day to have off. 2 days of work, a break and then 2 more days and the weekend. I need to leave in about 5 minutes here. I've been volunteering on Wednesdays at the Blind Center in San Jose. Basically, you just go and talk to people. It's pretty fun and they have free cookies and doughnuts. They need more volunteers, so if you want to help, just email me. Tonight is a big, big, big deal to me. It's game 1 of the A's/Red Sox of the American League Playoffs. I have my ticket and will be heading off at 5 PM. GO A'S!! I cut my hair yesterday. Well, I didn't cut it. My mom cut it. I've never gotten a haircut from anybody else but my mom. That's a lot of money saved eh? Luckily she's a pro and I don't get butchered up to badly. Shooooootzzzz... I have to get going. Have a good day everyone. Think good thoughts for the A's and I'll check in tomorrow.
Peace always,
Mike Park