October 27, 2004
11:19 AM

ATTN:UK folks!! I'm coming to do a short DIY tour in the UK starting November 12th. I was just checking to see if there are people out there who would be willing to help spread the word about shows (Passing out flyers, posting stuff on the websites in England, etc.) Also, I have a few days off on Nov. 10th and 11th (MY BIRTHDAY) Any ideas of things to do? Would love to hang out with the locals. I'll be in the London area, so get in touch. mikeasianman@aol.com

11:19 AM
Me and Monica just experienced an event of extraordinary magnitude. Christine, my housemate (though she's never there) works at a fancy shmancy Italian Restaurant called Vin Santo. And she invited us to come in for dinner last night. So we went. I knew it was a nice restaurant and that it was gonna be pretty expensive, but that was ok. I wanted to treat Monica to a nice meal.

We were greeted by the owner whom I had met awhile back. She seems nice. After being seated Christine greeted us with two glasses of sparkling wine. And though I rarely drink I put on my gameface and started to sip my wine. Pretending I was a someone who knew what wine tastes like.

After viewing the menu and me and Monica pointing at items that were over $30. And kind of laughing and kind of not. I just told Christine to pick for us what she thought we would enjoy.

1st-Bread-We ate that faster than you could imagine

2nd-A plate of different cheeses and h'ordeurves (I don't think I came close to spelling that right) like a broiled vegetables, shrimp, mushrooms, and olives. Along with that came two different glasses of white wine. Christine was very professional in her presentation explaining all the different food and wines, but I can't tell a good wine from a bad wine. As far as I could tell I was drinking BOONE'S. I even tried smelling first and then swishing it around my mouth.

#3-Two different salads:
A-beets of some sort with some fancy greens. That was mine and it was amazing.
B-A giant fried Calamari on top of a bed of sprouts, avacado, and tomatoes. That was Monica's
-again, we were given 2 more glasses of different wine. Again we were explained what they were and what kind of taste it gave and blah, blah, blah..but I still couldn't tell the difference and I had barely touched my other glass. I would have rather had a 7 UP or COKE.

#4-I'm already getting full at this point. I'm figuring, we must be getting some huge discount because she wouldn't just bring all this stuff knowing that I had to pay for it... and of course I'm estimating costs and we're already at around $60. I ate all the bread at the beginning cause I wanted to get full, but in retrospect I shouldn't have eaten so much. Because the next course is a pasta that looks pretty fancy. And we get two glasses of wine, but this time it's a red wine. She warns us that the main entree is next and that if we just want to get this pasta to go, then we shouldn't eat it all, but of course I ate all of mine cause I didn't want the food to get the best of me.

#5-The main entree....This time no wine. Thank god.
A.I am blessed with a nice piece of salmon surrounded by roasted asparagus and a nice little portion of mashed potatoes. It was yummy and I ate it all.
B.Monica had giant shrimp that were the size of a cell phone. Along with some roasted potatoes and Broccoli.

#6-dessert. Are you kidding me? Why not? We've gone this far, let's keep going. We share a cremebrulet (Again, spelling?) and a chocolate combination of gelato, some cake, and a truffle I think.. And we get a dessert wine.

-It was crazy. I am figuring the bill is gonna be around $150, but hoping that Christine is gonna hook us up with some kind of discount. And guess what?????????? It was FREE!! My eyes squinted and my mouth kind of sat agape as tears flowed down my cheek. I left her a $50 tip and went home very full, very satisfied, and very happy. The end.

Peace always,
Mike Park