October 20, 2004
2:57 PM

ATTN:UK folks!! I'm coming to do a short DIY tour in the UK starting November 12th. I was just checking to see if there are people out there who would be willing to help spread the word about shows (Passing out flyers, posting stuff on the websites in England, etc.) Also, I have a few days off on Nov. 10th and 11th (MY BIRTHDAY) Any ideas of things to do? Would love to hang out with the locals. I'll be in the London area, so get in touch. mikeasianman@aol.com

2:57 PM
Day 10, still a bit sick but not so bad. I'm trying not to speak as a remedy to heal my sore throat. Had a political discussion with my mom. Bless her heart, but ya know we just shouldn't talk politics. We'll keep it to fun stuff like favorite foods and shrubbery.

Spent a good part of last night writing music whilst the glare and buzz from my floor heater radiated the good vibes upon me. Using the garage band feature on the mac i-book is amazing. I never used it before, but it's like having a mini recording studio. I'm such a computer dummy, but this was so easy to use. They should hire me to do commercials.

Shooootzz.. I've got to go. Be well.

Peace always,
Mike Park