October 19, 2004
11:50 AM

Today is rainy day Tuesday. It's the first big storm of the season. That means a number of things:
1. Bad traffic
2. Limited bike riding
3. Asian Man will be flooding
4. The earth will be happy

And on arrival to Asian Man this morning I headed straight for the back corner of the downstairs and YES!! Flooding had started. With a mop in hand I spent the first hour of my day mopping up the water and mud that seeps through our downstairs. It's a yearly occurrence. It's cool. No worries. I'm used to it. At least I got to it early.

There was no time to write yesterday as my day started as follows:
9:00 AM-Alarm goes off
9:09 AM-Alarm goes off
9:18 AM-Alarm goes off
9:20 ish-get up
9:25 AM-Shower
9:40 AM-Get dressed
9:50 AM-eat cereal
10:00 AM-Leave for a doctors appointment to see why I'm still SICK!!
10:02 AM-wonder where the heck my van is?
10:05 AM-still wondering where my van is?
10:07 AM-get on my bike to look around to see where my van is?
10:20 AM-realize my van has been stolen!!
10:30 AM-call the police to report stolen vehicle
10:35 AM-on hold
10:40 AM-on hold
10:45 AM-on hold
10:46 AM-they have my car in their system as towed, not stolen.
11:00 AM-Take pictures of where my car was parked to prove there were no NO PARKING signs up and to make sure I don't have to pay to get my car back
11:05 AM-ride my bike 3 miles to the police station to get a release on my car.
11:20 AM-get to police station, wait in line for 30 minutes and am told that they can't do anything about a complaint and that I would have to file one for a hearing. So I pay the $99 to get the release, but they don't take credit cards.
12 NOON-Ride back home to get cash
12:30 PM-Arrive back at the police station and wait another 30 minutes
1 PM-pay $99 and then ride to the towing company, another 2 miles.
1:15 PM-Get to the towing company and pay $168 to get my van.
1:30 PM-my van is back in my possesion, plus a ticket on the window for $36.
2:00 PM-arrive at asian man records.

ahhhhh...that was frustrating, but ya know...things could be worse. Much worse, so I count my blessings still. Total price to get my van was $303. That's the second time I've been towed in 4 months. Hmmmm....My day started by having a doctor's appointment, to having to ride my bike nearly 10 miles. I didn't get to the doctors and now it's 22 hours later and I'm still sick. Slight fever and a sore throat for 9 days. I'm optimistic now that I'm destined to not see a doctor and to beat this on my own. Wish me luck.

Peace always, Mike Park