October 16, 2004
11:12 AM

I've somehow found myself buried in a cubicle in the Santa Cruz city library. I've called all the friends I know in the Santa Cruz area, but nobody is answering. Perhaps they look at their caller ID and see it's me and go "Uhhhhh...NO!" Hmmmmm.....So I'm in the library pretending to be doing something. And I guess I am. I parked my car and the library was right here, so I thought to myself "I haven't been to the library in awhile, perhaps I'll stop in for a bit". Why am I in Santa Cruz? Well...Monica has a temp job here and she would have had to catch the 6:45 AM bus to get to work at 9:30, so I drove her here. Let's see if anybody calls me back. Well, as for my state of health? I'm still sick. There are a few theories/diagnosis going on in my head regarding my illness.
#1-An extremely bad cold
#2-There's nothing wrong with me, it's just my imagination
#3-Strep Throat
#4-Bacterial infection
#5-virus of some degree
#6-All of the above
Regardless, it's become a frustrating part of my everyday life for the past 6 days. 6 days!! That's ridiculous. I'm never sick for more than a few days. So much time is wasted. The frustration is at an all time high. Can you tell? Popping Vitamin C, Zinc lozenges, dayquil, nightquil, liquid gel advil, etc.. etc...

I want to do something physical. Running, jumping, twirling, ahhhh....but I know I will pass out from exhaustion if I do anything, so I'm resolved to sit and relax. Is that so bad? Not really, but I'm bored. Oh my phone is ringing.

10:47 PM
Ahhhh... pardon the interruption, but I didn't want to answer my phone in the library, so I left. Don't worry my phone was on vibrate, so I didn't have an annoying ring blaring for all to hear. My friend Matt called back and I went over to his abode and hung out for the day.

Once a year, there's an event called OPEN STUDIOS, where all the artists open up their homes to display their art. You're supposed to buy a pass, but we along with three others gangbusted through on bikes. THe main goal was not to look at art, but eat free food. Normally this would have me smiling bigger and better than ever, but being sick kind of dampened the free food experience. It mostly consisted of cheese and crackers, wine, some cookies, candy, etc..I battled through and ate as much as I could, but I was tired. Oh well. That was my day. Be well.

Peace, mike park