October 15, 2004
1:11 PM

The phlegm (pronounced FLEM) is really starting to trickle out of my system. This is a good sign I hear. It's supposed to mean you are healing. Well, dong gone diggity doo doo doo!! That's what I like to hear. I like my own phlegm. But the idea of someone else spitting and seeing that green yucky stuff makes me gag. But I like my own.

A big heads up for people who enjoy movies of substance....MOTORCYCLE DIARIES!! What a fantastic movie. The early years of Che Guevara (probably exaggerated) were chronicled on his trip with a friend on a friggin' old motorcycle to discover the real latin america. It was awesome!! Do you like my review? Could I get a job for a paper or television? We would play a clip from the movie, the camera would come back and I would say "Oh man, that was awesome!!"

I'm going to Santa Cruz tonight for some fun. Monica has been working in Santa Cruz doing a temp. job, so we're gonna eat some dinner and soak up the beautiful happenings of this great city. I've decided that in the year 2005 I will move to Santa Cruz. It has to happen. Though I love San Jose, the chance to live by the ocean is too good to turn down.

Have a great weekend y'all. It's still pounding sunshine in the bay area, hopefully it will last through the weekend. Smile big and eat lots.

Peace always, Mike Park