September 30, 2003
8:42 AM

I'm impressing myself by getting up earlier and earlier, though I'm going to sleep later and later. If I can train my body to pass on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, then I'm gonna be one happy fella. After work I headed downtown to get some pants altered. I bought 2 pairs of Dickies pants, one brown, one black and will get them shortened and brought in. Does this make sense. Kind of like pegging them, but bring it in all the way from the top. To give the illusion of the pants being tailored in the 60's. Anyways, I had arrived at the cleaners/alterations place at around 5:55 PM, only 5 minutes before they closed, so I felt bad for keeping the nice lady whose name was Grace after hours. A homeless guy came in and asked her if he could buy one shoe lace and she scooted him out. I felt sorry for him and for her. Anyways, I headed off towards the YMCA which is about a 15-20 minute ride. I love riding downtown because all the streets are flat, no effort is really needed. You can just go at your own pace, put your head back and just admire your surroundings. My bike has broken gears and I'm stuck in the highest gear right now, so it's hard to get kick started when I'm at a full stop. Have I ever said how much I love my bike. At the YMCA, I played basketball and sat naked in the Sauna for nearly 30 minutes talking to old men who fought in wars as far back as WWII, but most vietnam vets who like to talk a lot. For the most part I'm ok with conversation, but damnit, I'm naked and sometimes I just want to relax. Well, the bike road home was refreshing as the wind and temperature were perfect. Made some cheese and spinach ravioli before going to sleep. Isn't supposed to be good for you to eat before you sleep? Hey Hey!!
Again I am going to cut and paste a blurb from an earlier newsletter. Please check this out:

A few months ago a kind, kind gentleman named Jonathan Yi made a video for one of my songs. He did this because he loves shooting film and making videos. He told me that it wouldn't cost me a dime and so I said ok. He shot this on 16MM and this stuff aint cheap. He probably spent at least $1,500 on all the rental equipment, film, etc.. Since it was his project and money, I thought I would give him 100% creative control on the project. Well, I just don't like the final product. Here's a couple links to the video. I am curious as to what you think? [quicktime] [windows media]
Please write me and say thumbs up or thumbs down.

Well, that's it for now. Back to work. This newsletter has taken 11 minutes to write. I'm listening to MU330 non stop til Monday.
Peace always,
Mike Park