October 12, 2004
8:14 AM

It's early, as the weather has definitely started to dip in temperature. My throat seems a bit better, but I still feel like crap. Perhaps a shower is in need.

Today I just hope to work at a snails pace getting things done in a low stress delivery. I'll eat more soup. I guess you can't eat soup. I'll drink more soup and perhaps take a nap. Maybe a trip to the gym later on just to sit in the jacuzzi. AHHHH...that sounds nice.
But hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ready to start feeling normal again.

Being sick is no fun! I ended yesterday by saying it was fun, but that's a lie. I hate it. But I always forfeit the fact that it will happen and I try to make the best of it. At least I'm not on all fours throwing up due to a stomach virus. Ouch, that's the worst. If I had to pick any kind of sick, this would be it. I'm still able to function to a slower degree and I can eat all I want. YAY for me.

Well, I guess I should start my day. Happy Tuesday. Enjoy yourselves, smile, eat lots, and smile more.

Peace, mike park