October 11, 2004
2:48 PM

Yes, I'm home. Safe and sound. But I'm sick. On my way to the airport in Pittsburgh, Pat from ANTI FLAG said I'm getting a sore throat. Well, that sore throat is now part of me. Woohoo!! I've drank so much liquid in the past 24 hours, that my bladder is putting up sand bags to stop the flooding. Tonight, PUFFY AMIYUMI is playing at the FILLMORE and I have tickets. But I'm not going because.....YES, I'm SICK!! Argghh...
That's $20 down the drain unless my dearest Monica can sell my ticket.

My head has a pulse right now. I can feel my temples go THUMP/THUMP/THUMP. Even a full packet of THERA FLU doesn't seem to helping much. UGGHH!! I'll write more later. Be well.

PS-It's now 8:15 PM and I'm lying on my stomach whilst the stereo plays soothing jazz. My fever continues to rise as my cold/flu continues to move forward. For some reason though, my appetite is still in tact and I'm actually eating like crazy. I had two huge bowls of soup today. A Korean soup called solangta. I'm not even sure if that's how it's spelled, but it's a traditional Korean soup that is supposed to give you energy. It's given me a bit of energy, but for the most part it's just delicious.

Being sick is fun!!

Peace, mike park