October 10, 2004
5:55 AM

My hands are shaking as I am going on nearly 37 hours of no sleep. I am at the Pittsburgh Intl. Airport getting ready to board a plane that will take me home to sunny California.

Last show heroics were in high gear as a tear rolled down my cheek as I said my goodbyes. And my dear rock n' roll tour bus...... I'll miss you the most. How can I conclude my thoughts on such a tour as this. I made amazing new friends, walked many miles in cities across the US of A, ate exciting new foods, conversed with many a stranger, and most importantly got to play my guitar and sing loud and proud.

Back tracking to Lancaster, which was last night, we had a friggin amazing show at the Chameleon. 800 kids packed in a small club. Climbing on top of each other. I felt very in touch with the crowd and a burst of energy was bolted through my body. My friend Johnny Hero came down and helped me table Plea For Peace, so I was able to catch up on some much behind work. He actually came to Philly and the last show in Pittsburgh, so big thanks to you JOHNNY!!! You are a good man.

Friggin A, the plane is about to board, so I need to wrap this up. Pittsburgh had over 1,000 people. I got to play guitar with Tom Morello and ANTI FLAG. FUN FUN. More rock star pretending by me. We all went out to get food after the show and now I'm here at the airport. Man, this is some weak writing, but I have to go. I'll try to write something more interesting after sleep and normality hits again. Be well.

PS-It's now 9:13 AM and I'm in Minneapolis, Mn. I have an hour layover before my final destination-HOME!! I slept solid the entire flight here, but now my throat is sore and my eyes.....They feel like they're being weighed down by some unknown force. I just bought a hot green tea to combat my throat, so hopefully I'll be feeling better in the next few minutes. Oh boy, I can't wait to sleep again.

Peace, mike park