October 08, 2004
9:08 AM

I've got approximately 4 minutes to write. I'm in a friggin HILTON GARDEN INN!!! Our bus leaves in 22 minutes and I still need to shower and walk 10 minutes. Can I make it? OF COURSE!! ANTI FLAG gets a day room for showers and lo and behold....Nobody in the band even used the room. This is the second time for me to score a free bed in a nice hotel. Lucky me.

Went to a bar after the show last night. Tom Morello was buying drinks, so what the heck...I said "Give me what you're drinking". It was a whiskey of some sort and I sipped it slowly. I ended up hanging out with Tim and Darren from Jade Tree. Talked about the evils of the music industry and then eventually walked through random parts of Philadelphia in the middle of the night. There was a destination. I was going from 2nd street and somewhere and needed to be at 10th and Race St. to meet people for Chinese food. Oh, my stomach is still growling from the amount of food consumed. I need to drink some tea. Well, my 4 minutes are up. I'll write more later. Be good y'all.

Peace, mike park