October 07, 2004
12:35 PM

CNN is riding with us. Friggin CNN. That's crazy!! They're airing a story on PUNKVOTER on Halloween. I decided to bypass being interviewed. There's really no good reason for not being on camera. I just felt that my voice wouldn't matter much and I'd rather give the air time to somebody in one of the other bands. Am I being pessimistic?? Probably, but that's ok. I'm not here to get famous and see myself on TV.

Anyways, we're currently headed towards the city of brotherly love-PHILADELPHIA. Leaving the nations capital and amazing memories that will never be forgotten. We were invited to view the capital building by Congressman Jim McDermott. A private tour with brilliant story telling. I had to pinch myself a few times when we were in places that I had only seen on CSPAN. Meeting Senators, Congressman, and even Willie Nelson was there on a visit, but we didn't get to meet him. Oh well.

This is a rare case for me, but I really wish this tour could be longer. Only 3 show to go...It's just such a fun tour. I feel really lucky. I'm probably repeating myself, but I just can't describe the emotions I'm feeling. Hmmmmm....So yesterday we had Dutch PBS, CNN, and MSNBC at the show. Tons of press, but unfortunately not a lot of people at the show. A total of 348 people came to last nights show. I felt bad for the FLAG guys because I just don't think any of the other bands are drawing anybody.(Including me) There's no help for them. But they continue to rock. After each show, everybody who wants puts a dollar into a pot and then guesses the attendance. The closest one to the actual number wins. I've lost every single time. Chris #1 from AF won last night and that included $23 in prize money. Lucky guy.

When I hit the stage last night, there were probably only 30 people in the club. But it was still fun. My friend Melissa brought cookies for me. By the way, I ate them all Melissa. And my friend Jason helped me sell merchandise and he even got interviewed by CNN. I hope they use it for their segment. My shows seem to be going well. I'm starting to get more comfortable and the nerves are becoming less and less of an obstacle for me. Maybe I'll be able to beat the stage fright once and for all. I doubt it, but I can hope. Well, it's time to load in and the AKA's are gonna take me to some amazing chinese food place, so I better get going. Hope tonight goes well. Be good y'all.

peace, mike park