October 06, 2004
11:31 AM

It's 11:31 AM and I'm sitting in the front lounge of the rock n' roll bus. Yesterday was a day off, but it wasn't quite the dreamy relax day I had hoped for. Our drive was interrupted by three tires being blown out. I must have slept through this, but it took about four hours off of our designated course. Somehow I slept through all of this, but when I woke up at 2:30 PM, we were in Fayetteville, NC. I have no idea what this city is known for, but that's where we stopped . Our driver had been going since 12:30 AM and was coming up on 14 straight hours of driving. Basically, he needed some sleep. We stopped at a waffle house to get some food whilst the road manager searched for a hotel. By the time we finally settled in it was 4 PM. Midnight was bus call. Though it was only a 4.8 hour drive to DC, we needed to leave in the middle of the night to bypass the crazy Washington DC traffic. This gave us 8 hours to enjoy and explore this great city of Fayetteville.

A quick waltz towards the mall turned into a game of FROGGER (the 80's arcade game) as for some reason there were zero cross walks. We seemed to running for our lives through 8 lanes of traffic to cross the roads. But we survived!! Our posse totalled 5 people as we hit up the Dairy Queen Mall. Within the first few minutes, the ANTI FLAG crew were spotted and asked at least 10 times if they were a band, but they would always say "NOPE". Anyways, I got a oreo cookie blizzard and it was amazing. Yummmm.....We were in search of a movie theater and after getting bad direction after bad direction we still couldn't find it. The clock.......AGAIN.... it was ticking. Nearing 7 PM, we finally found the theaters and picked the movie FORGOTTEN starring Julianne Moore.

$7.75 for an adult admission. That's nearly $2 cheaper than California. What's the deal? POPCORN was still the same price. $5.64 for a large. Why the $.64 cents. That's an odd price to charge. Usually it's like $.99. Ya know what I'm saying? $4.99 for a large, $3.99 for a medium, and $2.99 for a small. hmmm...there must be a reason why it was $5.64, but I'll never know. They had toppings for the popcorn. Nacho cheese, jalapeno, cajun spice, etc.. For some reason I fell for it and put the nacho cheese on mine and it ruined the entire popcorn experience. ARGGHHH!!! $5.64 down the drain. I still ate it, but it just wasn't the same.

As for the movie, I'd give it 2.5 stars. We all jumped out of our seats a couple times in fear, but for the most part it was a difficult movie to follow. I left feeling unsatisfied. On our walk back to the hotel, we played more FROGGER and made it back in one piece. Chris #2 spotted an OLIVE GARDEN and pumped his fist in the air. I'm not sure why he was so excited, but I soon found out why. We sat down as it was around 9:40 PM. I don't think they were too happy to see us since they closed at 10 PM. We were definitely the last table of the night. Anyways, I got the all you can eat salad and soup deal. They just keep bringing you soup and salad. It's great and with the breadsticks....Damn, we're talking gourmet. As the bill came, I got my money out and then the treat of the evening hit my ears. ANTI FLAG said "Mike, it's a band rule that whenever we go to an OLIVE GARDEN, the band pays!!" YAY!! I felt like a winner indeed. I should have gotten something better eh?

Back to the hotel, we had an hour til' we needed to leave, so we went to the jacuzzi, but it just wasn't hot enough. And now we had like 5 guys waiting in line to take a shower and we only had 40 minutes. I was 4th in line, so I said "Hey, I can take a shower in less than 90 seconds. If I go over I'll pay $1 per second." So they said yes. I was finished in 67 seconds. And in that time I was able to soap and shampoo. Believe it!! I have witnesses.

As we headed to the bus, we could see tons of egg shells as we were egged big time. Ugghhh!! Politics are crazy man. People can really be fanatical on both sounds of the spectrum and our ROCK AGAINST BUSH bus wrap can drive some people crazy. I put on a movie called PAPER MOON, but I just couldn't stay awake. My eyelids kept falling, falling, falling..ZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, mike park