October 03, 2004
2:57 PM

It's almost 3PM and I don't even know where to begin. I am sitting in a press conference at the University of S. Florida in Tampa, Fl.. At 11:47 AM I was awoken by a stir in the bus. I could hear the ANTI-FLAG road manager waking up the members of AF saying that they were going to the Michael Moore rally and that they were going to be able to play a song. Huh?? Michael Moore..

I woke up immediately and said "Hey guys!! I'm going too!!" Within seconds I'm up, dressed, and ready to go. We are met by a group of people who are going to take us to the SUN DOME. This 6,000 seat auditorium. But first we go pick up Gloria Steinem. WOW! Really?

We get to sit with her for a few minutes in her hotel and take some pictures with her. She even offers some of her breakfast to us, which if I wasn't so polite would have eaten up in a second. And then we were off to the SUN DOME. We pull up in the loading dock next to a limousine and we are dropped off back stage.

Michael Moore is speaking to a group of around 5,000 people who are hooting and hollering at his ever word. Remind you...at this point I'm kind of in a state of disbelief. I'm back stage at this huge event from this huge public figure and ANTI FLAG is about to play a song. They play This Land Is Made For You and Me.

People sang along and I'm scratching my eyes at what is going on. Michael speaks some more and then it's over. He walks off to a standing ovation. At this point I'm thinking that everything is over and that we are going back to the club that we're playing at later tonight, but we get escorted back to Michael's dressing room and there we are, sitting next to Michael Moore in full discussion for a good 10 minutes. Ahhhhh.. I couldn't believe it. He was very cool.

We took pictures and I smiled huge. And now I'm in this press conference with tv cameras, press, and students. I kind of need to get back to the venue to start setting up for tonights show, but at this point I'm just kind of living in the moment. Hmmmm..... Life is interesting to say the least. I better get going. Be well brothers and sisters.

Peace, mike park