October 02, 2004
6:10 PM

I'm in the production office of the ROXY in Atlanta, GA.. There's a line waiting to use the internet, so I need to make this quick. Last night was Cincinnatti at a place called BOGARTS. Lucky for me there is a laundry mat across the street. I knew this for a fact because this place which is called SUDSY MALONES is a laundry mat/bar/live venue. Skankin' Pickle had played there years ago and it was good to be back doing laundry. Great show!! Lots of energy from the kids in this big cavernous joint, but thumbs up all the way around.

After the show Tom Morello bought pizza for everyone. He's rich!! At the restaurant, there was a juke box and we pumped quarters through it blasting Rage Against the Machine and Audio Slave songs. HA HA... We're funny.

I ended up sleeping til' 1 PM. That's no good. I need to set my alarm or else I'm gonna continue wasting my day by sleeping in. These busses have no light in the sleeping quarters and the A/C just blasts through, so it's so comfortable. It's crazy. I need to take pictures.

Ok, I'm out of here. Have a good weekend.

Peace, mike park