September 29, 2003
8:48 AM

First things first....I'm cold and tired.. Sitting here eyes half open wearing flip flops in the cold of a garage... Brrrrr...... Saw Lost in Translation last night for the third time. There's no reason for this multiple screening of this movie. This is not a great movie. Circumstances have led me to this movie three times and that is all. The last few movies I've seen have been quite dissapointing. It's ok though, I will survive. Since it's Monday, this is the perfect time to say ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Not for me, but you! I'm ok with Monday. Monday is not Manic as in the song by the Bangles. Monday is when I get to see Miya and TOny, since they don't work weekends. MOnday is when I get to answer more email than anyone can ever imagine. Monday is when the....I have no idea what I'm talking about. Sorry for this rant. Basically Monday is no enemy to me, but for many of you I know you hate this day and can't wait for Friday, but just psychologically turn your mind onto loving Monday and hating Friday. Think of things you do on Monday as the best thing imaginable. How would that turn you psychy? Will you suddenly be dreading sleeping in on Saturday and cheering the homework you get Monday night? Hmmm.. Something to experiment with I'm sure. Well, lots of fun work for me to do, so I better scoot, but again I am going to cut and paste a blurb from an earlier newsletter. Please check this out:

A few months ago a kind, kind gentleman named Jonathan Yi made a video for one of my songs. He did this because he loves shooting film and making videos. He told me that it wouldn't cost me a dime and so I said ok. He shot this on 16MM and this stuff aint cheap. He probably spent at least $1,500 on all the rental equipment, film, etc.. Since it was his project and money, I thought I would give him 100% creative control on the project. Well, I just don't like the final product. Here's a couple links to the video. I am curious as to what you think? [quicktime] [windows media]
Please write me and say thumbs up or thumbs down.

Hey! Have a good day. I'm listening to non-stop MU330 from now until next week!
Peace always,
Mike Park