September 29, 2004

Am I in a daze? Yes, I am. But that doesn't mean I'm not well or not having fun, I'm just kind of.......WELL...... in a daze at the moment. I'm sitting in the front lobby of the Agora Theater. Tom Morello is sound checking right now and I will be next to do a check.

Yesterday was spent in Chicago hanging out with my friends in the Lawrence Arms, Dan from the Trio, and my dearest friend Jenny Choi and her husband Phillip. Jenny played cello with me at the show. She's good.. She made me Korean food. What a good girl. Yesterday was spent spinning in cirles trying to get my projector to work, but something was wrong so I went and bought a new one for $1,000.00!! YIKES!! But it's all working good now, so I'm a happy camper. Ummm.... I've got to go. There's tons to write about, but like I said...I've got to go. UGGH!

Peace, mike park