September 26, 2004
3:24 PM

I'm sitting at a table at First Ave. in Minneapolis, Mn.. This is the club where PURPLE RAIN was filmed. Do you know what I'm talking about? Midtown is just about to sound check. Doors open in one and a half hours and then I go on at 6 PM. There's a sister club to this club called the 7th St. entry and it's connected on the side. I had played both these clubs years ago with Skankin' Pickle. Tonight the 5,6,7,8's from Japan are playing in the 7th st. entry, so I'm excited to see them.. I hope I can get in for free since we're playing in the other club. Hmmm....

Last night was a long, long, long, long night. Doors opening at 4:00 PM and the show ending at nearly 11 PM made for 7 hours of long, long, long work and exhaustion. Applause to the kids who stuck it out from the time doors opened til' the time the last note was played. I went on stage yesterday at 4:30 PM and the sun was shining bright. There were 9 bands last night. 9!!! We had joined up with another tour for this one show. We didn't want two shows to conflict in draw, so we just put them together. Senses Fail, Emmanuel, The Bled, and one more band. I forget, but I had never heard of any one of these bands, but obviously the kids knew them cause they were singing along loud and clear. I must be out of touch or something, but I just felt like an old man amidst a sea of high school kids. Oh well.. It was still a good time.

After the show, me, Chris #1, Chris #2, and Tito went to a 24 hour grocery store that was in walking distance and stalked up on goodies for out rock and roll bus. I bought veggie chicken patties, random chips, and three pints of ice cream. YUMMMM.... I almost ate it all in one sitting last night. Our bus call was 3 AM, so we took our sweet time strolling through the aisles at the store. Strike Anywhere's vehicle broke down and they were forced to hitch a ride to the show and showed up just in time to play their set. They borrowed Midtown's gear and rocked extra hard since they were cooped up for so long on the side of the highway trying to get help. They were stuck for nearly 7 hours on the side of the road with a bag of pretzels and a half a gallon of water to splite between 8 people. ARGGHHH!!! They said they were starving and the sight of a convenience store was like a heavenly delight to their eyes. Three of the Strike Anywhere guys rode with us on our bus and hopefully their vehicle will be fixed by today and they can meet up with the band by tomorrow in Chicago. The crew stayed behind with the vehicle.

Anyways, I'm not getting any internet connection here, so I'm gonna try to walk around and find a store that has wireless connection. Wish me luck. Be well y'all and have a beautiful day.
Peace always,
mike park