September 25, 2004
1:31 AM

It's 1:31 AM and I'm lying in my bed on the rock and roll bus. We are driving towards Kansas City from Denver. It's 631 miles total driving tonight and we're supposed to load in at the club at noon. Our driver, whose name is also Mike said we should arrive at around 11:30 AM. That gives me only 30 minutes to explore Kansas City. Perhaps I'll have to skip out on my daily walk. I'm falling asleep whilst writing this. SLAP! SLAP!

WAKE UP!! Ok, I'm better now. The crowd at tonight's show was again energetic and loud. They cheered at everything I did. It was fun. All these shows have been great. Thinking back, the worst show was San Francisco. And that's supposedly my home town show and that's where I got the worst response. Hmmmm... Anyways, my friends Josiah and Kim helped me table plea for peace stuff tonight. In fact, I barely even went back to the table. I was feeling lazy and tired. The show was so packed and hot. I just let them do the work and I went for a nice walk around COLFAX ST.

There's a lot of homeless people on this street. They like to ask for change and I think I must have had a sign on my back because I was like the pied piper or something. They just flocked me. Maybe it was because I was actually giving out change and word got out to look for a big asian guy. Hmmmm....I need to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

I still need volunteers to help me run the plea for peace table in a bunch of cities, so if you are free and can lend a hand, please email me and I'll get you and a friend in free to the show. Here's a list of cities I need help in:

27th-Minneapolis, Mn @ First Ave.
1st-Cincinnatti, Oh @ Bogarts
3rd-Tampa, Fl @ the Masquerade
4th-Lake Buena Vista, Fl @ the House Of Blues
7th-Philadelphia, Pa @ Starlight Ballroom
9th-Pittsburgh, Pa @ the World

Send me an email if you can help out: