September 24, 2004
12:47 PM

I'm feeling amazing right now. I woke with a burst of energy and here I am in beautiful Albuquerque, NM drinking green tea in a cafe. They have wireless internet and I'm loving this new computer!!

I feel very blessed right now. I'm smiling in the inside. The idea that I'm actually in New Mexico amongst a sea of people who have no idea that I'm not from here is for some reason exciting. The idea that I can just blend in and experience people from all over the place. To see some of the culture here and the influence from the native american and hispanic community. It's large and very present in the architecture and food.

I'm almost finished with my tea and will head out for a longer walk and perhaps some food. Last night the show in Tempe, AZ. was my best show in the area. I sold 14 cd's and the kids were extremely nice and seemed to care. Compared to my last venture to Tempe, which was the exact opposite experience. So perhaps I should learn from this and realize I should never write a place off.

I got to see a bunch of friends from my past including Pei Pei, Liza, and Billie. Billie and her friend (I forgot her name) were super nice and helped me run the plea for peace booth all night. That was quite a relief. The night is long and having someone to help me is quite a relief. I still need help in a bunch of cities, so if you are free and can lend a hand, please email me and I'll get you and a friend in free to the show. Here's a list of cities I need help in:

26th-Kansas City, Mo @ Beaumont Club
27th-Minneapolis, Mn @ First Ave.
1st-Cincinnatti, Oh @ Bogarts
3rd-Tampa, Fl @ the Masquerade
4th-Lake Buena Vista, Fl @ the House Of Blues
7th-Philadelphia, Pa @ Starlight Ballroom
8th-Lancaster, Pa @ the Chameleon
9th-Pittsburgh, Pa @ the World

Send me an email if you can help out:

Peace always,