September 28, 2003
1:43 PM

Holy Shmoly!! I can't believe I've kept this up for over 2 weeks straight. Pat me on the back people. I have about 3 or so minutes til' I need to get out of here, so I'm just going to type non-stop for the next 180 seconds. Last night, went to a wedding, ate so much food. Ate 3 kinds of cake-Carrot, chocalate, and cheese cake. I couldn't move so well afterwards, but eventually I pulled through and I am alive to tell about it. Lots of liquor consumed by parents of the bride and groom make for funny people watching. No dancing though....Why? Dancing is the best. Oh well. I really need to practice saxaphone as I leave in one week to go to Japan with MU330. I will be playing saxaphone for them. I am rusty. Tomorrow I promise to start practicing. Ok, I'm out of time. Hey, if you can do me a favor and just let your friends know about this website. I'd appreciate it very much. Word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising. At least that's what I believe. Also I am going to be cutting and pasting some old info. that's been ongoing to get some more feedback. So here goes:-
A few months ago a kind, kind gentleman named Jonathan Yi made a video for one of my songs. He did this because he loves shooting film and making videos. He told me that it wouldn't cost me a dime and so I said ok. He shot this on 16MM and this stuff aint cheap. He probably spent at least $1,500 on all the rental equipment, film, etc.. Since it was his project and money, I thought I would give him 100% creative control on the project. Well, I just don't like the final product. Here's a couple links to the video. I am curious as to what you think? [quicktime] [windows media]
Please write me and say thumbs up or thumbs down.

Ok, I'm out of here. Going for a bike ride and perhaps some pizza. Later on will be meeting my friend Jocelyn for a movie. FUN FUN. I haven't listened to any music today, but did listen to Elliot Smith last night. Be good people.

Peace always,
Mike Park