September 20, 2004
7:37 AM

It's 7:37 AM...Monday morning and I'm sitting cross legged at the Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport. Gate A12 on Southwest airlines causes me to do this so that I can get a decent seat. There are no assigned seats at Southwest. You get a boarding group of A, B, or C. And they board in that order. I got B, so I'm sitting at the front of the already formed line hoping to get a decent seat.

I opted to fly home instead of joining the tour bus on the long 14 hour drive back to the bay area. The drive wouldn't be so bad, it's just that I wouldn't get back to San Jose until around 5 PM. This way I'll be back at 10 AM. Plus I had a free ticket, so this works out quite good for me. I'll spend my day catching up on last minute work before I leave for good until OCT. 10th. Shouldn't be too bad, but it still has me stressing for no other reason than I like to stress.

Last night we played the SHOWBOX theater in Seattle. A great show. People were quite receptive. Unfortunately I only brought 20 cd's to the northwest and sold most of them in Portland the night before. DAMN!! I hate when I do that. ARGGHHH.....

I had bought a digital camera the day before. Did I mention this? I think I did. Anyways, I took a ton of pictures and tried desperately to figure out how to use it properly. It's the size of a small granola bar, but the instruction book is like 200 pages. DAMN!!

It's now 9:43 AM. I had to board the plane and couldn't finish writing. I'm pretty sure I just slept, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm sandwiched between a group of youngsters (ages 1-5) yelling loudly and my spurts of sleep have been interrupted by the shrieks of youngsters. It's ok. Hmmmmm.... Let me look back at what I've written.

OK. Seattle. My best friend (Kennedy) since 5th grade lives in Seattle and only 5 blocks from the SHOWBOX. As soon as we arrive in Seattle I quickly gather my stuff and run (more like a quick walk) over to his apartment. It's around 2:17 PM at this time and I haven't eaten a thing, so I open up his fridge and help myself to whatever. PIZZA and leftover Chinese food are the items I grab. Munching away we talk and watch random football.

I'm suddenly exhausted and decide to take a power nap before I head back to the venue. ZZZZZZZZ....30 minutes later, I'm up and heading back to the venue. My time is short with Kennedy as I didn't know I'd be returning after the show for 4 hours of sleep and a ride to the airport. Unfortunately he can't go to the show since he has tickets to the Beastie Boys. That would be a good show to see. He walks with me back to the venue and helps me load in my stuff. We embrace and I go through the routine of setting up.

AHHHHH... I had to shut down my computer again as were descending. Now it's 11:02 AM and I'm at asian man records. I better work. Be well.

Peace always, Mike Park