September 17, 2004
11:52 AM

Jaded I see clearly... LALALA.. Oh...? Sorry about that. ummmm... I partied hearty last night. Something I rarely do, but a few cocktails were consumed and I found myself in a club, dancing to 80's hits. It was fun and refreshing.

Bars suck, so I rarely go, but I love to dance, so you have to balance the two somehow. Anyways, the sad fact is that I grew up in the 80's and the dj blasted everything from the Smiths, New Order, the Cure, Madness, the Housemartins, and many more goodies.

Even a blast of hip-hop here and there. I danced in circles and gazed in the eyes of girls that were close to me. Then I would smile really big while looking them in the eye and the hope is that they would smile back. Not that I would do anything after that.

I just wanted to see girls smile. It's a fun game that I play. Yeah, I'm weird. At around 1 AM, the place was packed beyond packed and I started to get a bit claustraphobic, so I took off. No goodbyes, just a quick dash to the door.

My bike was locked up to a tree, so I unlocked the bike and raced home. The beauty of the night is that they have $1 pabst blue ribbon on tap. $1. That's a good price.. I had four total. And luckily I wasn't super drunk, but a slight buzz was burrying my head from complete clarity.

I rode so fast pretending to be chased by the mob or something of the sort. Back at home, I made an entire bag of fries and ate them all. Why? But it tasted so good at the time. Tomorrow I leave for tour. WOOHOO!! FUN FUN FUN... Hopefully I'll see some of you at the shows. Be well.

Peace, Mike Park