September 12, 2004
2:35 PM

I'm relaxing on my moms couch. Just finished a lunch consisting of tofu, rice, and tons of korean side dishes including spinach, bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, and some other stuff that is just too spicy for me to eat. Yesterday, I went to Oakland with Monica to her bosses home. They had a party to eat the salmon that they caught when they went to ALASKA. We arrived early. I think we were 2nd to arrive.

A young girl named Alexis and her father were the 1st. I like being number 1, but we failed. Alexis was 20 years old and was a bit odd. She had little feet. Size 2 and it was freaking me out to be honest. After someone made note of her feet, I couldn't stop looking at them. She also had salmon stuck to her chin for about 5 minutes as she talked to me. I didn't know what to do? Should I tell her?

I just hoped it would fall off on it's own. Which it did eventually, but it was tough for a few minutes there. It was a potluck and we brough a watermelon, which luckily was super ripe and juicy delicious. There were 4 different casseroles and a girl named jackie made the best mashed potatoes. There was another potato casserole, but there was hair in mine and yuck.... Their was cake and ice cream and I was stuffed.

We left at around 7:45 PM and got back to San Jose around 9 PM. We were exhausted, but mustered up the energy to go for a bike ride and went down to the movie theaters to see if we could get in free somehow to a movie. Unfortunately I didn't see anybody I knew working and I there were no doors open to sneak into. Oh well. We decided to splurge and pay the $9 to see HERO at the 9:45 showing. It was ok. Good fight scenes, but I wasn't completely blown away by it. But good.

I haven't seen a movie in awhile that has blown me away. Comedies aside, I'm talking about a dramatic movie that just gets me to think, to cry, to laugh, to run, jump.. I don't know what I'm trying to say, but just something that gives me that ssssspecial feeling.

If you live in San Jose, you can grab a free magazine called WAVE and there are coupons for free popcorn at this theater. We cut out tons of coupons and just go to the different floors(there's 3 floors) and eat popcorn til' our bellies can't take no more. They use real butter at the cameras and that's a good thing.

After HERO, we waltzed around the 3rd floor and peered over the edge. It's really quite high up there and it's fun to look over the side. There are escalators going up and down to each level or you can take the stairs. I took the escalator cause I was feeling a bit lazy. We went outside and there was already a line forming for the midnight movie which was office space.

We saw a friend named Jocelyn whom we had just celebrated her birthday the night before sitting outside. She just saw GARDEN STATE. Then we saw some other friends who actually are in charge of the midnight movie. And though we had no intention of going to another movie they asked if we wanted to go and that it would be free, so we said OK... and went went to JU-ON. I think that's what it's called. It's a horror movie from Japan.

The same people who made RINGU. I heard it was pretty scary, but I must disagree. I was ready for a real scare, but it didn't do it for me. At 1:47 AM we walzed out of the theater for the final time and raced home. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Back to the previous evening, we went to the OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY downtown to celebrate Jocelyns birthday. I ordered Spaghetti and marinara. It's only $6 and you get free iced tea, salad, bread, and ice cream. What a deal. I ate 2 loaves of bread by myself before my meal ever came.

After dinner, we went to Japan town and specifically to a karaoke bar called BAMBOO. Jason Thinh showed up and sang Mandy by Barry Manilow. He's good a karaoke. You can tell that he loves it. I managed to sing a duet of SUMMER LOVIN with a girl named LULU. This place broadcasts their karoake live over the internet and people are chatting live while watching you. It's weird.

I'm contemplating heading out to Oakland in an hour to see the A's. hmmmm.... I wish they played in San Jose. What a dream that would be. I'd go to every game. Well, hopefully I'll get my lazy body off this couch doing something productive. Wish me luck. I'm lazy today!!
Peace, mike park