September 27, 2003
10:01 AM

Saturday!! This is a special day for so many people. Saturday either means no school or no work. What about for me? Saturday is not a special day because every day is like Saturday for me. Though I do work, it's work that I love and if I go out late the previous night, well....I just go to work late. Anyways, let me cut and paste a brief segment from yesterdays newsletter. I want to keep this up for a few days...Hold on one sec...OK. HERE YOU GO:
A few months ago a kind, kind gentleman named Jonathan Yi made a video for one of my songs. He did this because he loves shooting film and making videos. He told me that it wouldn't cost me a dime and so I said ok. He shot this on 16MM and this stuff aint cheap. He probably spent at least $1,500 on all the rental equipment, film, etc.. Since it was his project and money, I thought I would give him 100% creative control on the project. Well, I just don't like the final product. Here's a couple links to the video. I am curious as to what you think? [quicktime] [windows media]
Please write me and say thumbs up or thumbs down.
-OK I'M BACK!! and I'm about to do some cleaning. I need to take out the garbage, the recycling, and vacuum. After that I'm gonna ride my bike downtown to eat some food, then go to the YMCA and get a little excercise in.(Gotta stay in shape) and then I'm off to the east bay to a wedding reception. This is my 4th wedding in the past 4 months. Weddings are fun fun fun... My besteeest friend Bridgett will be by my side and the thought of dancing with her all night brings a smile to my face. Well kids, I better get my day started. Be good, be productive, and have a beautiful day. Today I'm listening to Simon and Garfunken Greatest hits.

Peace always,
Mike Park