September 09, 2004
9:58 AM

NOTE:Can anybody living in the PORTLAND, OR area give me a ride from the airport to the ROSELAND BALLROOM on September 18th? I'll put you on the guest list for the show. I would be flying in at around 3 PM. email me or call me

Had a hard time sleeping last night which resulted in a panic attack mode once it hit 3 AM. I know I definitely fell asleep by at least 4, but once my alarm hit off at 8:30 AM it was groggy groggy groggy time for me.

It was a combination of drinking cola too late at night and then the movie Misery being on TV and getting me amped up. That's a good movie. So scary. I've got to go to San Francisco tonight. Matt Skiba is playing solo and he's borrowing my guitar. I'll definitely need to take a nap tonight. He's playing at a 21+ bar and I know it'll be a late one.

During my insomnia, I picked up the guitar and wrote a new song. So I guess there's a positive to each negative. My white Mazda 1994 MPV van is out of commission. The engine is overheating, but I've been to lazy to take it in to get fixed. It's probably time to buy a new vehicle, as I'm approaching 180,000 miles. But my theory has always been to drive this van until one day it just stops driving. Plus, it's been such a good friend. Reliable and trustworthy. I'd hate to turn my back on him.

Back to work. Lots to do and I'm the king of slacking, so here I go. Be well. Smile big.
Peace, mike park

PS-I've been trying to come up with a contest for the punkvoter tour that I'm doing with Anti-Flag and this is what I've come up with. For each show I'm going to give away 2 tickets to one person. All I ask in return is that you buy my record. It's pretty selfish on my part, but this way I'll be able to save you money on tickets(you'll save around $25) and I'll get to share my music. Already have my record? Well, give it to somebody as a gift. Sound fair? I hope so. Here's a list of all the dates for the tour:
18th-Portland, Or @ Roseland Theatre
19th-Seattle, Wa @ the Showbox
21st-San Francisco, Ca @ the Fillmore-"FINISHED"
22nd-Los Angeles, Ca @ Henry Fonda Theatre
23rd-Tempe, Az @ Marquee-"FINISHED"
24th-Abuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre-"FINISHED"
25th-Denver, Co @ Ogden Theatre-"FINISHED"
26th-Kansas City, Mo @ Beaumont Club-"FINISHED"
27th-Minneapolis, Mn @ First Ave.
28th-Chicago, Il @ the Metro
29th-Cleveland, Oh @ Agora Theatre-"FINISHED"
30th-Columbus, Oh @ Newport Music Hall
1st-Cincinnatti, Oh @ Bogarts-"FINISHED"
2nd-Atlanta, Ga @ Roxy
3rd-Tampa, Fl @ the Masquerade
4th-Lake Buena Vista, Fl @ the House Of Blues
6th-Washington DC @ the Nation-"FINISHED"
7th-Philadelphia, Pa @ Starlight Ballroom
8th-Lancaster, Pa @ the Chameleon
9th-Pittsburth, Pa @ the World

You have to call the asian man office at (408)395-0662 to make this work and we'll get your name and put you on the guest list for the show of your choice. I'll write FINISHED after each city that somebody calls in for. FUN FUN