September 07, 2004
11:32 AM

NOTE:Can anybody living in the PORTLAND, OR area give me a ride from the airport to the ROSELAND BALLROOM on September 18th? I'll put you on the guest list for the show. I would be flying in at around 3 PM.

It's currently 102 degrees in good ol' San Jose, California. This entire weekend has been extremely hot and to be honest...I like the heat. Much more fun than the cold. You can just sit and sweat and drink water and sweat some more. What fun!! This weekend was fun in the sun for sure.

Went to Great America amusement park on Saturday and got there 30 minutes before the park even opened up. Waited in line for the opening and then along with hundreds of others started running to the first ride which was TOP GUN.

Then the security started yelling WALK!! Don't run, so we all started walking really fast, but then the fast walk turned into running again and we were sprinting to the front. Monica was left in the dust as she thought I was kidding when I said we need to run to the first ride.

Everybody was running to get the front spot on the rollercoaster. It is the only spot that works for me as the feeling of flying comes over you as you blaze through the curves and loops. We only waited three cars before we were up. I raised my feet and arms to pretend I was superman and let out a few screams.

The ride was over and I looked over at Monica and she was crying. So I kept hitting her in the leg so she would get her mind off the ride. But she was gallant in her efforts to keep up with me as we headed to drop zone next. A fast and furious walk put us to the zone and my heart started beating faster as this is still the only ride that still gets me a bit frightened. There was zero line, we just waltzed right up and rode.

Thinking about the first drop has me tingling a bit right now. It's such a rush, just free falling. There are 5 different spots you can drop from and since there was no line, we just kept moving to the next spot and rode 5 times in a row. Mission complete!! We drank some sodas and then rode more coasters before we left. Only 2 hours were spent at the park, but I felt like we were there all day as my body was limp from the rides. It was only 12:45 PM before we got back home.

A quick nap and then off we went to Santa Cruz to hang out with friends and ride bikes along the beach. We went out to Sushi and then did Karaoke at the bowling alley. At around midnight, me and Monica said our goodbyes and headed back to San Jose. Exhaustion was hitting on the drive back, but I made it home safe and sound just in time to hear the woop woop of the San Jose downtown clubs.

Sunday was more fun..Bike rides and movies. Saw Tae Gukgi, a Korean War time movie that boasts the most expensive movie ever made in Korea. It was a packed house full of tons of Koreans. Lots of blood and carnage. And an unbelievable story line that just kept getting more and more crazy.

Tons of people were crying including Monica, but I couldn't muster any tears. Only laughing and joy were present. Hmmm...I'm crazy. Yesterday, bbq'd in the parking lot at the A's game. Watched many a fight break out in the crowd as Red Sox and A's fans battled insults towards each other. I sat back and watched though I wanted to throw insult too. And that's it... I've written too much and need to stop now. Be good.
Mike Park

PS-I've been trying to come up with a contest for the punkvoter tour that I'm doing with Anti-Flag and this is what I've come up with. For each show I'm going to give away 2 tickets to one person. All I ask in return is that you buy my record. It's pretty selfish on my part, but this way I'll be able to save you money on tickets (you'll save around $25) and I'll get to share my music. Already have my record? Well, give it to somebody as a gift. Sound fair? I hope so. Here's a list of all the dates for the tour:
18th-Portland, Or @ Roseland Theatre
19th-Seattle, Wa @ the Showbox
21st-San Francisco, Ca @ the Fillmore-"FINISHED"
22nd-Los Angeles, Ca @ Henry Fonda Theatre
23rd-Tempe, Az @ Marquee-"FINISHED"
24th-Abuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre-"FINISHED"
25th-Denver, Co @ Ogden Theatre-"FINISHED"
26th-Kansas City, Mo @ Beaumont Club-"FINISHED"
27th-Minneapolis, Mn @ First Ave.
28th-Chicago, Il @ the Metro
29th-Cleveland, Oh @ Agora Theatre-"FINISHED"
30th-Columbus, Oh @ Newport Music Hall
1st-Cincinnatti, Oh @ Bogarts-"FINISHED"
2nd-Atlanta, Ga @ Roxy
3rd-Tampa, Fl @ the Masquerade
4th-Lake Buena Vista, Fl @ the House Of Blues
6th-Washington DC @ the Nation-"FINISHED"
7th-Philadelphia, Pa @ Starlight Ballroom
8th-Lancaster, Pa @ the Chameleon
9th-Pittsburgh, Pa @ the World

You have to call the asian man office at (408)-395-0662 to make this work and we'll get your name and put you on the guest list for the show of your choice. I'll write FINISHED after each city that somebody calls in for. FUN FUN