September 26, 2003
8:58 AM

Yawn and strech...Yikes it's early. I've been getting up earlier and earlier, but I'm still going to sleep at 2 or 3 AM every night. Oh boy. Get that caffeine now. Ok, a few months ago a kind, kind gentleman named Jonathan Yi made a video for one of my songs. He did this because he loves shooting film and making videos. He told me that it wouldn't cost me a dime and so I said ok. He shot this on 16MM and this stuff aint cheap. He probably spent at least $1,500 on all the rental equipment, film, etc.. Since it was his project and money, I thought I would give him 100% creative control on the project. Well, I just don't like the final product. Here's a couple links to the video. I am curious as to what you think? [quicktime] [windows media]
Please write me and say thumbs up or thumbs down. If enough people say they like it, I'll put it up on the media section of the site. Email me at
Last night I rode bikes downtown with my best friend Bridgett to watch Lost In Translation with Bill Murray. I give it a half thumbs up. Not great, but not bad. Probably not the most helpful review eh? Today I am listening to demos...Lots of demos... Have a great weekend y'all. Make sure to get outside and do something fun instead of reading this garble.

Peace always,
Mike Park