August 27, 2004
11:38 AM

The past 24 hours have me dizzying again. An amazing day was spent at SEA WORLD yesterday, where Ashley Simpson was to perform. A manegerie of young girls and boys were lined up since daylight broke to get into her free concert. First come, first serve. People watching was at an all time high as my head rotated back and forth to see the mall kids smile big.

I didn't end up eating to much junk food, which was probably a blessing in disguise. The only sour part of the Sea World experience was the way I dressed for the day. I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking, but I had black pants on and dress shoes. Why? I was burning up and the perspiration was on full blast.

Luckily we went to the penguin exhibit and my body was able to cool down a few degrees. We saw SHAMU(the Killer Whale), went to the Haunted Lighthouse, got soaked on water rides, and battled the bright sun. We took off at around 6 PM and the girls dropped me off in front of the club. To Stephanie and Michele:Thanks for the fun day and for picking me up from the airport. You are very sweet. The both of you.

Back to the club! Unfortunately there was nobody to let me into the club, so I sat outside for about 40 minutes and then a kind man named Ben showed up to open up and greeted me with a smile and then gave me a water. How did he know I was thirsty. What a kind soul.

The club was really nice and had this middle patio area where you could smoke cigarettes and get some fresh air. The weather was incredible. Seriously perfect. The show was fun, but there's something wrong with my head right now. I just can't think straight and the excitement of playing is completely gone from my soul. Uggghh... It's killing me.

I would have much rathered gone to the Ashley Simpson concert and screamed my head off in the silliness of it all. Teen phenoms are hilarious, but good fun. And that in itself is scary. So what's wrong with me? Oh well. I'll be coming back home tomorrow and have three weeks off. Time for meditation and clarity. Wish me luck. Hope you are doing well.

Peace always, Mike Park