August 26, 2004
12:31 PM

It's 12:31 PM and I'm currently 34,000 ft high traveling south towards San Diego. I'm being picked up by a stranger named Stephanie. She had answered my plea for a ride from the San Diego airport to the venue.

I've had strangers pick me up for years and it always works out great. I get to meet new people and you know they're going to be nice if they're willing to pick me up(someone they've never met). A friend of Stephanies scored free tickets to Sea World, so I'm pretty excited.

Last night I played a show in San Francisco. A lot of friends were playing the show and it was exciting to hear bands like the Clarendon Hills and the Skyflakes play at a club with a nice sound system. The Skyflakes sounded particularly great. After their set I talked to their singer about the show and she said it was so nice to be able to hear herself in the monitors. It makes a difference in your performance when you have a nice sound system.

I had a difficult show last night. My performance was sub par at best and I felt a lack of energy in the room. I'm my worst critique, but music grates on me. Maybe I'm not meant to play music. I had taken 8 years off from touring and wanted to give music another chance, but now I'm starting to feel the same feelings I did when I quit in 1996.

I'm too critical and it's not feeling natural to me. I'm scheduled to do quite a bit of touring throughout Sept-November. Perhaps I can go to therapy or something, but at this point my excitement to tour isn't happening. Tonight I'm playing in San Diego, but my heart just doesn't care. Who knows? It might turn out to be the best show of my life, but at this point I wish I was home riding my bike in the park, reading comics, and drinking orange juice.

I like the traveling and hanging out with people, but the idea of playing music is not in my heart. At least not today. Not to fret, my plane will land soon, I'll go to SEA WORLD, eat a funnel cake, carmel apple, and more junk food, so I'll be smiling big soon. Be well.

Peace, mike park