August 25, 2004
10:10 AM

Yesterday was like a marathon. Starting at 6:30 AM, I treked over to work and was a busy beaver til noon. At that point I headed to the YMCA to play some basketball.

At 1:15 PM I headed back to work and practiced guitar for 30 minutes, ate lunch, washed my car and then worked away til' 4 PM. Next, I'm off to Oakland to see the A's and a battle against traffic is sure to happen.

The trip takes me right past the YMCA, so I decided to play again. Crazy? Well, I love basketball so why not. A quick 30 to 40 minutes of basketball, a quick shower and then I'm off again.

It's now around 5:30 PM and traffic is no problem, but then BAM!! I'm completely stopped. With the sun pounding on my neck, my car visor can only do so much to protect me from my non air conditioned vehicle.

I finally get to Oakland at 6:45 PM. 15 minutes til' game time and I park at BART to avoid the $13 parking charge. I meet up with Luke, Monica, Peter, Aaron, Mara, Rachel, and Ron. Luke plays it smart and brings two large pizzas from Little Caesers.

Total cost is only $10. We save big at the game and eat pizza pizza. It's a beautiful night in Oakland. It eventually gets chili, but still feels so nice to be outside. At the halfway mark I comment to Monica that I'm friggin tired. But I move forward cheering load and shaking my ass at the appropriate times.

At 9:49 PM, the A's game finishes with a 6-2 victory over Baltimore. We head back over the bart bridge amongst a sea of A's fans and panhandlers. The hour drive home puts me in at 11 PM. Monica goes to sleep, but I have plans to see some friends at Eidelyns.

Eidelyn would host Tuesday night fun at her place a few months back, but has stopped. BUT yesterday she hosted her last event as she is moving to Menlo Park.

So I hopped on my bike, fighting back a migraine to be, and peddled hard 13 blocks away. I was definitely out of my mind, but got to hear about this guy named Bobs adventures to Japan. And that was exciting for me.

I ate some chips, drank some water, talked some more. And at 12:23 AM, left along with everyone else. Back to 11th st. and to the warmth of my bed... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, Mike Park