August 22, 2004
11:10 AM

11AM and I'm already fed, my belly full and I've even used the toilet making me pretty much complete for the day. Phillip works at an embassy suite in Chicago and therefore we are granted with these elaborate hotels on tour for peanuts.

At the embassy suites you get free breakfast and though todays was less than stellar I still ate the shite(rhymes with kite) out of it. We've got an hour to chill out until we leave for Lemoyne, Pa., which is about a 4 hour drive.

After the show, we're driving straight back to Chicago, but I'm stopping in Cleveland to get dropped off at the airport which will put me back home tomorrow at 11:08 AM. Hopefully I can get a few minutes of sleep on the plane so I can get a full day of work done.

Last nights show in Pittsburgh turned out to be great fun. We played at a coffee shop called KIVA HAN and the promoters Angela and Jen were quite good to us. We got free drinks at the coffee shop and they even took us out to dinner after the show. The show was fun. I played in this small room that had seats, so everybody got to sit down and relax.

There were lots of familiar faces from past shows in the house. Friends from Cleveland, friends from Chicago, and friends from California. It was a nice suprise. Hopefully tonight is a rockin show. We'll see how things go. Be well.

Peace, Mike Park