August 21, 2004
11:10 AM

We're leaving the Homestead Inn, located in beatufiul DC. Last nights show at the Velvet Lounge was a success. APA screened a bunch of short films by Canadian director Nobu Adilman. I think that was his name.

But we saw 4 shorts between each band, shot on 8 MM. Very funny stuff. The show kicked off with Karmellas Game from Baltimore, MD. They played a rockin set. They're a great band. Super fun sound.

The only weird thing about them was the lack of an asian member. Not that it's important, but the purpose of this tour was to showcase asian american talent in rock bands. The headliner for the night was a band called Exit Clov.

They were fronted by two chinese women who were twins. It was like Mothra. I don't know if you know Mothra, but he's a giant moth that battled Godzilla and other great monsters. But there were these two twins that would sing MOTHRA and then Mothra would come and save the day.

They were cute and extremely talented. They both played guitar, keyboards, and the violin. They played some friggin amazing solos and at times my jaw dropped in disbelief. I sold a bunch of cd's to people who would never of known about me if I hadn't done these shows. Success in my book.

This tour reminds me of my early years touring with Skankin' Pickle. Playing small places in obscure environments. Making friends with these great bands. I feel very lucky to be doing this and though my stomach hurts right now because I ate the biggest plate of chile cheese fries at 2 AM, I'm pretty excited about being able to be traveling again.

We're driving to Pittsburgh right now. Should be around 4 hours to get there. The show was supposed to be part of this 20 band festival, but the promoter lost the venue and now we're playing at a coffee shop. I'm curious as how the show will be. Hopefully fun fun fun. We'll see I guess.

We've been getting lost quite a bit on our drives. In addition to getting lost there's been some intense traffic. Yesterday our drive from New Haven, Ct. to Washington DC took 7.5 hours. I think we were all losing our minds. Mid drive we decided to roll all the windows up and crank the heater on for 10 minutes.

These are silly ways to keep you entertained while driving aimlessly for hours. The first 2 minutes of the heater were hell, but we started getting used to it and decided to up it to 15 minutes. At around the 8 minutes mark, it started getting hellish again, so I said let's just stop after 10 minutes, but Jenny Choi was like "Listen Beeyoch....We're doing the entire 15 minutes Beeyoch..."

I stripped down to my boxers as the sweat kept dripping off the tip of my nose. But we did it and the rolling down of the windows was followed by yelling and screaming. We had just passed 15 minutes of time, plus a couple minutes of celebration. Passing time the hard way.

Peace always, Mike Park