September 25, 2003
8:46 AM

Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike to Japan town in Downtown San Jose. I was meeting Tyler Kogura whose family owns a building down there which houses a anime store, gift shop, and a restaurant. Tyler gets to eat free at the restaurant and was nice enough to let me eat free with him. For those of you who don't know this already, I am the master of getting things for free. I've been bartering and meeting people for the last 20 years trying to make connections for free stuff. Whether it's food, disney land tickets, movie passes, river rafting, bunjee jumping....I've done it all but always free. Free makes things that much more enjoyable. Anyways, Tyler had free passes to see the new Ben stiller movie with Drew Berrymore, so we went down to the theater. It's on a first come first serve basis, so we went an hour early arriving at around 6:30, but the plan all along is to just go to a different movie. We get in fine and go straight to UNDERWORLD. At this time it's 7:05 and the movie we want to see is ANYTHING ELSE, the new WOODY ALLEN movie. Anyways, I watch about 40 minutes of UNDERWORLD, saw some neat special effects, lots of blood and that was it. So off to Anything Else. If you're not a fan of Woody Allen movies then you probably wouldn't like this. I am a fan and enjoyed the movie. Plus Christina Ricci is a total FOX. Doesn't anyone say that anymore to describe someone. She's a fox!! Total money paid-ZERO!! I rode my bike home feeling the nice breeze of the evening air in my face thinking about tons of different things. My future, music, love, family, etc.. I like to think while I ride my bike. I got back home and just went to bed and was up early at 7 AM. And here I am at work, which I better do. So have a good day today. No music is being listened to right now. It's to early for me. I just want silence and pater of my fingers on a keyboard.

Peace always,
Mike Park