August 20, 2004
10:47 AM

On the road again. This time it's southbound I-95 towards the nations capital Washington D.C.. We're blasting Mitch Hedburg, a comedian from ..Ummmm... I'm not sure. Let me look at the cd. It doesn't say where he's from, but he sounds like a California guy. But we're all laughing cause he's funny.

The venue tonight is called the Velvet Lounge and it's supposed to be teeny weenie in size, but that's ok since I'd much rather play a small place that has people compared to a big place that is empty. Jenny and Phillip are excited to eat at a place called Bens Chili.

They supposedly have the most amazing chili this side of the Atlantic. I'll be the judge of that since chili is my middle name. I'm excited for tonights show. We have APA(Asian Pacific Arts) coming down to screen films before the show. FUN FUN Last night was an interesting night. We played at a small bar called Cafe Nine in New Haven last night.

The owner Paul was a solid man who paid us the entire door and fed us dinner and yup...he was a good. Unfortunately the show was less than desirable. There were 67 people paid, but the clientele was a mixture of middle aged men and bar flys getting their thang on. It wasn't something I wanted to deal with, so I only played 3 songs and never said a word before I started or between the songs.

My last comment was thank you I'm Mike Park. A young man named Jason came to the show from New York. I met him the previous evening at the show in NYC and we went for a walk around New Haven and talked about music and other odds and ends. It was a much needed diversion to be able to go for a walk and breathe in the outside. I enjoyed the talk as Jason has a lot of energy and ideas.

It's always good to hear the heart of a young person who has thoughts on their mind. Later, I stood outside the club calling friends, taking advantage of free minutes. I called Monica and talked to her for awhile. She's a really great girl whom I wish was here with me so I could hold her hand and smile big for. She had taken BART to San Francisco to put up flyers around town.

LIke, I said...SOLID girl. We got back to the hotel at around 1 AM. I didn't do laundry yet, so I went down to the first floor to do laundry. ARGGHH!! The laundry machine was broken. What to do? I had no friggin clothes!! I jumped in the shower with all the dirty laundry I had and just started taking a shower with the clothe. Multiple hair washes to get the suds on the clothes and then stomping of my feet on the clothing like they were grapes made for a fun little event.

The dryer was working so I went down and dropped my clothes in. It was $1.50 to dry, but had no idea how long it lasted. The hotel was under renovation, so I walked the hallways while the clothes dried. I passed the fitness room and went inside. They had a water cooler, so I drank a bunch of water and then turned on the tv. Watched the news and then hopped on the stationary bike and started riding.

Not quite the same as riding outside, but better than nothing. I ended up watching the olympics and saw the US mens volleyball team lose to Russia. 40 minutes later the dryer was still going. I went for one last stroll and finally the dryer was done. Unforunately the clothes weren't dry, but now it was past 2 am and I wasn't going to stick around anymore. Back to the room with a bag full of damp clothing I hung up what I could and then reclined in my bed.

I stayed up til around 5 in the morning thinking, reading, and writing thoughts down on paper. My body was exhausted, but my mind was still racing. I guess the fatigue finally caught up with me since I eventually fell asleep, but for some reason I thought I'd be up all night..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....

Peace always, Mike Park