August 19, 2004
11:21 AM

I'm headed north on I-95 towards New Haven. It's a short drive today, so I should be getting into town in about an hour. I need to do my laundry badly. I've been wearing the same socks for the last few nights and I'm on my last pair of boxer shorts. Just some things for me to look forward to.

Well, last night was a raucous show in NYC. Tons of Asian people in da friggin HOUSE!! I was greeted by familiar faces that I met back in April on the Cursive tour. One such face was a girl named Mira who was nice enough to bring me cup cakes.

That made me smile. Mira is super good looking and getting cup cakes from a pretty girl is always a good time. But I never saw her again after I played. Where'd you go? As for the actual show....I felt pretty rough with my playing.

For some reason I just couldn't get comfortable and it was quite frustrating. The previoius 4 shows were some of my best performances. No nervousness, just comfort and joy.

Regardless, the show rocked and I got a good reaction to my set. I sold 12 cd's and a bunch of t-shirts. There were even 2 guys from Japan wearing KEMURI(ska band from Japan) shirts and they bought shirts from me. I wonder what they thought about the show.

My guess was that they saw me play in Japan with the Chinkees and it was this high energy performance and then here they are in NYC watching me play acoustic adult contemporary tunes. Oh well, they must have enjoyed it or they wouldn't have bought shirts.

Lots of people bought me drinks including the bartender who I think liked me because she said "I like you". She was referring to my music and so was I. Where are your minds folks? Hmmmm....

We just rolled into New Haven at the hotel, so I better get going. Be well everyone and smile big.

Peace, mike park