August 18, 2004
2:17 PM

Introducing the new IBOOk G4 into my life. The SONY VAIO lasted for 3 years and 8 months until it was finally stolen. The new computer cost $1,480 with 3 year computer care, wireless card, and yup...that's expensive. My friend Marc met up with me in Boston yesterday and took me to the apple store in the friggin mall. The mall is hell, but it's a necessary evil sometimes.

Currently I'm traveling east on HWY 84 headed towards NYC. We've got about 2 hours left. Let me backtrack to Monday and our show in Hoboken, NJ. We played at a place called Maxwells, which is famous for the fact that Bruce Springstein filmed the Glory Days video there.

Unfortunately the Glory Days crowd didn't come to the show. In fact a grand total of 18 people paid to see the show which i can safely say that only 5 of those came to see me play. That means I'm a pretty big star to have such a fan base everywhere. yes, I'm being sarcastic, but I need to be or I'll lose my mind.

We did get free dinner and I got a delicious batch of cheese enchiladas. The sound man had strep throat and kept letting us know it. Do they only have one sound man at this club? I tried to stay away from him as he grossed me out quite a bit.

We needed at least 50 people to even get paid, so obviously we didn't get paid, but I did get the free dinner and I sold 2 t-shirts. If I had cd's, maybe I would have sold a couple fo those. But I figured my profit for the evening after paying for gas and toll road expenses was a negative $63, but again I did get free dinner. Oh, we're pulling off the road to get some food at a COSTCO. I'll be back...

Okay, I'm back. We got a whole pizza for only $8. I ate two pieces of pizza, ice cream, and a coke for only only $4.50. Good deal. I think my traveling mates were pretty disgusted about how adamant I was that we go to COSTCO to eat. But it's the best deal in town. Why not eat there?

Last night we played with some great bands in Boston. Vietnam Le and Kimone. They were really nice people and I enjoyed the chance to meet these new friends. There were a grand total of 57 people paid last night, which paid us $75 to split up amongst 4 bands.

That's not a lot when the toll roads alone are costing us a fortune, but we had a great show for those who were in attendance and the experience was treasured by myself. I'm having trouble typing as we've hit the big apple and the road is bumpy and my computer is bouncing about and I am getting car sick.

Tonight we play the main room at the Knitting Factory with IDA. Perhaps tonight will be well attended. I surely hope so, but if not that's ok too. No mas....I'll have to write more later as the car sickness is driving me nutty. Be well my familia.

Peace always, Mike Park