August 16, 2004
9::28 AM

I'm residing in a suburb of Baltimore, MD at a family friend of Jenny Choi and her husband Phillip. These are the two individuals I am touring with. Jenny plays the keyboard and sings and Phillip plays the drums. They are very cute and remind me of other married duos like Mates of State and Bagheera.

The turn of events in the last 48 hours have my emotions doing jumping jacks, fighting back tears, laughing, grinding my teeth, squinting intensely, flaring my nostrils, waving my arms up and down, dancing(is that a result of emotions?)and more of the above.

I am an idiot. On Friday night after the show in Chicago I was loading my stuff out of the Fireside bowl and somehow forgot my laptop computer and a box of 100 cd's on the sidewalk. I vividly remember bringing this outside, but for some reason I didn't load it in the van. Why am I dumb? A question people ask about me all the time I presume. Why? Why? Can you imagine losing your computer?
#1 EMOTION-rage

I felt like the hulk ready to burst out of my skin, but being the nice man I am..... I just calmed myself and thought of puppy dogs and sugar cookies. Ahhhhhh.... Everything is A OK!!

Anyways, I've got my health and I've got my guitar and so the show goes on. We've played 2 shows so far on this mini tour. The first night was in Chicago at the Fireside Bowl. I was expecting a big show, but only 84 people paid.
EMOTION #2-sadness

People kept giving me excuses saying "there's so many shows going on tonight and that's why it wasn't packed." Well, I've got news for you... The reason it wasn't packed is because I am not the big star I thought I was. Ricky Martin I am not. In fact...even William Hung I am not. I must face the fact that I am not as loved as I thought. Boo hoo..

That's ok, I still had a great time at the show and it was good to see friends in the Chicago area that are always so supportive and good to me. In fact, I felt like it was one of the best shows I've played. The fact that I wasn't extremely nervous while I was playing was a big step in my future as a folk star.
EMOTION #3-happiness

After the show we went to a bar called the Whirlaway down the street on Fullerton. It was Scott Adamsons birthday from the band Just a Fire and the woman at the bar named Maria is a sweet soul who made a cake and food. Nobody was eating the food, since they were busy eating, so I ate lots
EMOTION #4-jubilation

Bars close late in Chicago. In the flow of conversation with a friend, these two girls came up to me and said good show. I said thanks. And then one of them said "You are cute..."
EMOTION #5-shyness

I blushed and said thanks... And that was the meat of that conversation as I didn't know what else to say.
EMOTION #6-awkwardness(is that an emotion?)

Bars sure close late in Chicago. I slept over Fred Erskines home and we ended up getting back at nearly 4 AM. I crashed hard dreaming of something important I'm sure. But woke up early and headed out to meet up with Julie and Dave for breakfast before I left for Baltimore. They were nice enough to give me a ride to the airport and I waved goodbye as we embraced before my final exit towards the airport.

A cramped plane and an oversized asian made for uncomfort, but we arrived in leses than 2 hours even after a diversion that took us up the runway and back because a 12 year old boy somehow made it on the wrong plane. DOH!

Baltimore, MD...Haven't been here so long. I was being picked up by a girl named Melissa who I never met. She answered a plea in one of my blogs that I needed a ride. She was nice enough to pick up a stranger. YOU RULE MELISSA!! We walked around downtown as we had time to kill and eventually made it to the Ottobar where the show was that night. A real nice venue that looked like it would be perfect in size. But unfortunately only 36 people paid.
EMOTION #7-more sadness

But the show was good. I sold 12 shirts and a bunch of buttons. It was a good time and everyone seemed nice. So I still consider it a success. Shoooootzzzz.. This is going way too long and I'm being called to eat breakfast. I unfotunately may not be able to write much since I have no computer, but if I can jump on to a computer I will surely update you. NEW JERSEY is next. I wonder how many people will be there?
LAST EMOTION-? hmmmm...

Peace always, Mike Park