August 13, 2004
9:41 AM

I'm sitting in the kitchen of Mr. Fred Erskine and his girlfriend Becca. I arrived in Chicago last night and was lucky enough to get a ride from the airport from my old roomate Julie. We met up with a mutual friend Dave and ate at a place called El Cid.

Good Mexican grub for cheap. During the course of the meal I realized I had no idea where I was staying that night and could have definitley crashed at a number of pads, but luckily I got to stay with Fred because they have an extra bed and it's more than comfortable.

It's luxurious. Firm matress, nice pillows(4 altogether), and clean sheets. Better than my bed at home. I wanted to see Julies cat whom lived with me for the first year off his life. His name is Zito and upon arrival my hope was that he'd remember me and run off in fear. I was not mean to him, but I matched his intensity during his stay with me and sometimes he just couldn't handle it.

But he wasn't scared. But he was huge. He gained a ton of weight, so I made fun of him, but he doesn't speak English. I held him and got lots of cat hair on me and then headed out. I headed off to the L & L with Dave to get some drinks and meet up with Fred. Ditched that joint and went to the Fireside Bowl where we met more friends. Got free drinks and eventually made it back to Freds. It's not overly exciting stuff, but I'm not overly exciting. I'm supposed to meet up with some friends today, but can't get in touch. I'm gonna take a shower and just go for a walk. Wish me luck. Be well...people!!

Peace always, Mike Park