August 12, 2004
8:28 AM

I have an hour and 32 minutes before I leave for Chicago. What a better way to spend that time than writing. Last night I went to San Francisco to see MU330.

It was an extremely young crowd. I felt like a father who brought their kids to a show and waited in the back. A band called Suburban Legends played right before MU330.

They reminded me of a Las Vegas show band or amusement park entertainment. They were really strong musicians and the members I met were super nice, but they were hard to watch.

Again, I felt like I was in a weird amusement park setting instead of a rock show. But the kids friggin loved them, so who am I to judge. Half of the kids left after they played which left my heroes MU330 with a less enthusiastic crowd. Oh well.

I didn't even stick around to say bye as I wanted to make the hour drive home and get some sleep. 6 hours is what I pulled off as my alarm started beeping at 7 AM. So I'm feeling spry and alert for my long day. I'll be bringing my laptop with me on tour, so look for some nice lengthy blurbs. Be well y'all and smile big.

Peace always, Mike Park